Understanding The Different Types of Roof Shapes, Designs, & Styles?

When considering having your roof redone, knowing the different roof styles used on most homes can help you determine which roofing material will work best for your home. If you’re not sure which type of roof shape or roof design you have, you are not alone. Roof shape types are not something that is commonly known by the general public. But don’t worry, we are here to help! Below is a short list of different types of roofs that are commonly used to help you figure out which roof design type your home is. Remember to always talk to your local roofing expert before committing to any major roofing modification, repairs, or decisions.

different types of roofs

  1. Gable Roofs-
    Gable roofs are often thought of as the classic “children’s drawing” house roof type that is a commonly used roof shape in areas that have cold or temperate climates. They are also a popular roof style, given they work well on a variety of types of home designs. In the simplest terms, gable roofs consist of two roof sections that slope in opposite directions where the highest horizontal edges meet to form the roof ridge – like a triangle.
  2. Gambrel Roofs-
    Gambrel roofs are similar to a gable roof design but with 4 sides instead of 2 sides. Gambrel roofs are often thought of as the classic red barn roof shape type. It has the appearance of a sloped roof, but the slope of the top sides that meet in the center are not as steeply sloping as the bottom sides. In short, when the building has symmetrical, sloped roofs with two slopes on either side – and the lower slope is the steeper of the top two, it is most likely a gambrel roof.
  3. Mansard Roofs-
    Similar to gambrel roofs, mansard roofs are constructed with four slopes. However, it differs from the gambrel by having the same profile on all sides. Each side of the home has two slopes, with the lower slope being much steeper than the upper slopes. In some cases, the upper slopes of the roof can’t be seen from ground level.
  4. Hip Roofs-
    Hip roofs are a type of roof in which all sides slope downwards to the walls, creating a pyramid like shape. Hip roofs are similar to pyramid roofs, however instead of creating a point at the top, each side connects at a flat section. Given this roof shape type is known to perform better in high wind areas, hip roofs are most common in regions that experience frequent high winds.
  5. Flat Roofs-
    Flat roofs are known to be fairly easy to construct when compared to other roof shape types. Flat roofs are often desired for their simplicity and accessibility. They are also very durable and can easily withstand the weight of walking on it. However, flat roofs do have a downside. This style of roof is known to collect a lot of dirt, dust, leaves, and other debris on its surface.
  6. Shed Roofs-
    Shed roofs are often used when going for a modern home design look. This roof design type resembles half of a traditional gable roof. Although it is more commonly used for porches and home additions, the shed roof style is now being used on new ultra-modern builds. Homes that have a shed roof tend to be unique structures that reflect their owners’ personal style. 

As always, we recommend that everyone consults a roofing expert with any of your roof-related needs. However, now that you know a little more about the different types of roofs, hopefully, you are able to determine what type of roof you have and figure out what type of roof materials are best for your home. If you have any other questions regarding your roof type or roof in general, don’t hesitate to reach out to RT Roofing at (858) 206-9685! We look forward to helping you solve all of your roofing needs.