cool roof

With electricity costs increasing by almost 2% per year (over the last 25 years), along with the growth of eco-consciousness in the US, people are trying to find ways to improve energy efficiency now more than ever. When it comes to creative solutions to help reduce our energy demand, one of the best places to start is to re-evaluate how we build our homes. From choosing eco-friendly materials, to deciding how to shape the home for optimal functionality, there are many different ways to help cut down future energy use. One of the more popular ways homeowners are reducing their energy costs in 2021 is by removing the original roofing on the home and installing what is known as a “cool roof.” 

What is a cool roof you ask? A cool roof is a roof designed to reflect more sunlight and absorb less heat than a standard roof. This can be accomplished by using a highly reflective type of paint that is often lighter in color and also known as a cool roof coating, a sheet covering, or highly reflective tiles or shingles. As a result of effectively reflecting the heat from the sun, a cool roof can lessen a home’s energy consumption, especially during the hot summer months. 

Now that you know the basics about what a cool roof is, let’s dive into a few of its main benefits. 

  1. Reduced Energy Use: The primary benefit of installing a cool roof is to cut your energy costs. Since cool roofs don’t absorb as much heat from the sun, it’s the perfect roofing to reduce heat and keep your home cooler. In return, you won’t have to use your air conditioning as much during summer months.
  2. Lower Energy Rates: As a result of using less electricity due to having a cool roof, your need to consume energy during “peak demand” hours will also reduce. Using less energy during your county’s peak hours can help reduce power outages, as well as help you avoid peak rates. Avoiding peak energy rates will help decrease your average energy rate, resulting in a decrease in overall energy bill. So not only will you be saving on using less energy, the energy you do use will cost less.
  3. Reducing Carbon Emissions: By having a cool roof, not only would you save money on utility costs, but you will also be reducing carbon emissions from power plants. Given around 30% of the global carbon emissions originate in some way from electricity consumption, any time we can cut back on our energy usage we will be doing our part to create a healthier environment.
  4. Roof Longevity: By decreasing the temperatures your roof experiences, it can help extend its overall life. For example, when dark roofs absorb heat, the heat stresses the materials, resulting in damage overtime and a shortened lifespan. It’s well known that a roof’s life expectancy is generally directly related to the roofing material used, however, regardless of the material, if a roof is absorbing less heat, it won’t deteriorate as quickly.

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