Building the home of your dreams? Make sure it has the best roofing protection possible! At RT Roofing, our residential roofing company makes the task of selecting the ideal roofing system for your new home easy! When helping you make this important decision, we consider:

– Your home’s construction style
– Architectural / visual appeal
– Building code requirements
– Your budget
– Working with your general contractor for timely completion


Your home represents a significant financial investment and your home’s roof is vital to protect your home and family from the elements. A professionally installed roof can also make a stunning visual statement. At RT Roofing, we have over 35 years of experience with residential roofing, so we know you expect the best roofing for your home.

We promise to provide quality residential roofing products, expert roofing craftsmanship, and regular maintenance services to maximize the life of your roof. Ultimately, we will treat your home as our own, and provide professional residential roof repair services accordingly.


Is it time to consider replacing your roof? Over time, the elements can take their toll on even the best building materials, making replacing a roof a necessity over the lifespan of a house. A roof replacement is no small endeavor, but at RT roofing – we make the process seem effortless.

Contact us today for a free evaluation of your roof and an estimate on having RT roofing replace your current roof. We will help you select the best roofing materials within your budget to ensure that your roof is worry-free for years to come.


Although we enjoy the most sunny days out of any other city in the U.S., it does occasionally rain here in San Diego. Unfortunately, that means hidden roof leaks may appear and get the inside of your home wet. Not to worry – RT Roofing is ready! If it’s raining, and for some reason your roof isn’t keeping the rain out – give us a call right away! We will respond quickly to evaluate the problem and fix your leaking roof. Don’t delay – a small leak can turn into a larger problem, so act now. Call RT Roofing to get your roof leak repair done right – and right now!