Have you noticed that it is hard to regulate the temperature inside your home? Does your house often feel too cold in the winter and too hot in the summer resulting in high energy costs? Well you are not alone, and what you might need is better or more insulation. I already know what you’re thinking, “How much insulation do I need?”. That answer is dependent on a variety of factors, so read on to find out how much insulation is recommended for your home.

how much insulation do I need in my attic

What Is Insulation and What Does It Do?

First, let’s briefly review what insulation is and what it is supposed to do. In short, insulation is the material used to provide resistance to temperature flow in your home. In the US, fiberglass is the most common insulation material, but it can also be made of cellulose, foam, and other materials.

How Much Attic Insulation Do I Need?

Now let’s answer your question, “How much insulation do I need in my attic?”. When it comes to talking about home insulation, insulation levels are specified by R-Value – which is a measure of the insulation’s ability to resist heat flow. To keep things simple, just think, the higher the R-Value, the better the insulation should perform. The commonly recommended level for most attics in the US is to insulate your attic to R-38, or about 12 to 14 inches deep from the base. Please note that just how many inches of insulation in attic is recommended can change depending on the insulation type being used.

Inspect Your Attics Insulation Levels

Now that you know the basics of what insulation is, what it is supposed to do, and what the ideal amount is, it’s time to inspect your attic and see if you are in need of more. For the most part, if your levels are below R-12 or only 6 to 7 inches deep, your insulation levels are inadequate, and you may want to consider adding more insulation. Below is a helpful visual created by Energy Star that helps answer the question, “How thick should attic insulation be?”

how much insulation do I need

As seen in the image above, although the recommended level is R-38 (13 to 14 inches), you may want to increase your insulation to R-49 (10 to 18 inches) if you live in a Northern Climate. If you come to the conclusion that you need to add insulation, make sure that you use the same type of insulation that matches the insulation that’s already in your attic.

Now that you know how much insulation is needed in an attic for optimal temperature regulation, it is important to know that different insulation types are more difficult to add than others. For example, adding loose fill insulation often requires a blowing machine, so if you are ever uncertain or uncomfortable with adding the insulation or even inspecting it on your own, be sure to recruit the assistance of a licensed professional. If you are in San Diego County, RT Roofing experts would be happy to help you out. Feel free to reach out to us via our contact form or simply give us a call at (858) 206-8599. We look forward to working with you!