Traditionally, when someone is looking to determine which roofing materials are best for their home, they generally gravitate towards the options that are durable and affordable. However, now more than ever, people have begun placing a notable amount of value on whether the roofing material is environmentally friendly. Now you may be asking yourself, what makes a given roofing material more environmentally friendly? The answer isn’t as simple as we would hope, but sustainable roofing or eco friendly roofing materials are often described as light-colored roofing materials that are generally more energy efficient. Although not as common as traditional roofing material, there are several eco-friendly rooftop options to select from depending on your design preferences and budget.

Below are some of the top environmentally friendly roofing systems:

Recycled Shingles

Recycled shingles are some of the most popular and possibly the greenest eco roofing materials of all other roofing products. Just as you’d likely assume, recycled shingles are made from recycled waste materials, such as plastic, rubber, or wood fiber. Some are made from clean waste from residential homes, while others are made from factory waste. Not only are recycled shingles an eco friendly roofing option, but they are also very durable, and look great! 

Furthermore, recycled roof shingles lower energy consumption and reduce pollution by helping divert waste from local landfills and reduce our need to extract and process raw materials. Recycled roof shingles have also been known to come with awesome warranties of up to 50 years. Several options even have strong fire ratings that could potentially lower your insurance rates depending on the location of your home.

Cool Roofs

Cool roofs are becoming more and more popular for many reasons, one of which is for their ability to help reduce energy consumption. Cool roofs are roofs that use light color or white-colored roofing material. As the name suggests, the roof has a cooling effect on a house as it helps to reflect the sun’s rays, rather than absorb them. That said, cool roof systems help homeowners save anywhere from 7% to 15% in cooling costs, resulting in a notable reduction in their energy bill.

sustainable roofing

Clay Tiles

Oddly enough, clay tiles are also one of the most sustainable roofing products. They are made of natural materials derived from clay pits and are highly durable and recyclable. Natural clay is also available in a variety of colors, making it a more attractive option for homeowners. Some manufacturers are even starting to add tints and glazing to the clay to extend the range of color options available. Since clay tiles are simply shaped then fired to harden, the end product is an excellent eco friendly roofing option.

Furthermore, manufacturers have been developing different configurations of clay tiles which result in better air flow through the tiles. Added air flow helps accomplish two main things. It helps remove and prevent moisture from beneath the tile, resulting in the underlayment lasting longer. Added air flow also helps to moderate the surface temperature beneath the tile, resulting in a cooler home and decreased cooling costs during the summer months.

Considering the Switch to Eco Friendly Roofing Materials?

If you have any questions about or are interested in getting a quote to implement one of the environmentally friendly roofing systems discussed above, do not hesitate to reach out. Our friendly staff would be more than happy to talk through your sustainable roofing options. Regardless of the eco-friendly rooftop you choose our expert roofers at RT Roofing Specialist have got you covered.