Although the coastal regions of San Diego generally don’t experience extreme summer heat, some of its inner regions do. However, most San Dieagans don’t know that extreme summer heat can actually damage your roof, especially if the roof is old or has been previously damaged by external elements. This is why scheduling routine roof inspections or repairs before or during the warmer summer months are so important.

Below are some of the harmful effects summer heat can have on your roof and some easy tips on how to reduce roof heat in the summer.

protect roof from heat

Common Harmful Effect of Summer Heat:

  • Roofing Degradation – Roof degradation can be caused by extended exposure to direct sunlight which could compromise your roofing material. Asphalt shingles may start to peel, buckle, or erode – leaving the wood surface underneath directly exposed to the sun (and raining during winter months – which may experience water damage). Older roofs are more likely to experience this kind of damage from the sun, however, if the exposure is long and hot enough, this can happen to roofing of any age.
  • Thermal Shock – Thermal shock is when your roof reaches very high temperature during the day then quickly cools off when the sun sets – causing roofing/construction materials to expand and contract. As a result of this expansion and contraction, your roof’s structural integrity becomes weakened over time. It’s especially problematic for metal materials, which are more susceptible of warping out of shape and create gaps.

How to Protect Roof From Heat:

Applying heat proof roof treatments like reflective roof coatings can help reduce roof damage caused by the sun. These coatings can be applied to metal and rubber roofs to reduce heat from the rooftop by working to reflect the sunlight as it hits your roofing surface, The coated surface will then exhibit thermal emittance, which allows for the absorbed heat to reflect back instead of being consumed into your home or building. Some other ways you can protect your roof from sun heat is to install proper roofing ventilation and insulate your roof with spray foam. These options will not only protect your roof from sun heat, but also improve the overall insulation of your home or building making it easier to regulate internal temperatures and often reduce utility cost. Roof vents also help control condensation thus helping to preserve the performance of your insulation.  

Although the above are common effects of summer heat and solutions to protect your roof from heat, every situation is unique and dependent on many different factors. Scheduling routine roof inspections is the best way to determine if the summer heat is causing damage to your roof and how to best prevent it from continuing to happen. No matter what your roofing needs are, RT Roofing Specialists are here to help you protect, repair, and prolong the lifespan of your roof. We are your local San Diego roofing experts providing high-quality commercial and residential roofing services. Call us at (858) 206-8599 for a free quote or to ask any questions you may have.