With the increase in DIY home improvement efforts taking place in 2020 as a result of the pandemic, more people have been wondering if a DIY roof replacement is a reasonable project to take on themselves or if it’s truly worth just getting a professional roof replacement. Although it is possible for homeowners to replace their own roof, do-it-yourself roof replacements are much easier said than done. That said, the real question isn’t “can you replace your roof yourself,” but rather SHOULD you replace it yourself?

This question can be fairly difficult to answer. As a rule of thumb, we always recommend that homeowners hire a professional roofer when doing any repairs or improvements to the roof. Given most homeowners aren’t roofing experts, the risk of getting on your own roof, potentially damaging your roof and putting yourself at risk just often isn’t worth the money you’ll save. Let’s take a look at why a DIY roof replacement may not be the right home improvement project for you.

DIY roof replacement

Below are a few additional things to consider when contemplating between a DIY roof replacement and a professional roof replacement.

  • Overall Risk: When contemplating whether to hire roofing contractors or to complete the job yourself, your safety and the safety of the people who reside in the home should be the highest priority. This doesn’t mean that all roofing repairs and improvements need a contractor. However, you should still always carefully weigh the risk implications of deciding to do it yourself. Is the cost of a professional roof replacement enough to warrant risking your own safety to replace the roof yourself?
  • Learnable skills: Although learning how to do basic roofing repairs can be done by reading DIY articles and watching “How To” videos on YouTube, you will never have more experience working on roofs and with roofing materials than a professional roofing contractor that does this everyday. With experience aside, even if you believe you have learned the skills necessary to get the job done, putting it into practice is a different story. Roofers often develop their skills with a ton of daily repetition and practice, which helps guarantee that the job will be done correctly.
  • Necessary Tools: The roof of your home is not the place where you want to cut any corners. This makes having the right tools and accessories to replace your roof yourself very important. When getting a  professional roof replacement you don’t have to worry about any of this, but if you have decided on a diy roof replacement here are some tools you should consider purchasing:
      • Roofing Hammer (aka. Roofing Hatchet)
      • Roofing Shovel
      • Pry Bars (aka. Flat Bar)
      • Framing Square
      • Caulking Gun
      • Chalk Line
      • Tin Snips
      • Hammer Tacker
      • Power Nailer
      • Saws (Ex: reciprocating saw)
      • Cleaning Tools

  • Insurance and Liability: The last and potentially most important thing to consider is insurance and liability. If you are planning on asking family and friends to help you with your do it yourself roof replacement, it is important to understand your potential liability. Fortunately, homeowner’s insurance will generally cover you if part of your roof accidentally falls and hurts a helper or someone that isn’t a homeowner. However, it may be a different story if your helpers are walking around the roof at your request and harm themselves or anyone around them.

    This is why most reputable contractors (mandatory in most states) carry worker’s compensation insurance. That said, please be sure to double check your policy and call your insurer just to be absolutely sure. In some cases, your insurer may refuse coverage completely, leaving you to decide if it’s worth the risk, while in other cases, they may simply impose some restrictions.

    If you end up deciding on a professional roof replacement, be a smart homeowner and ask roofing contractors for their insurance letters before they start working on your home. This will help you confirm that the contractor has all the coverage needed for general liability and workers’ compensation.

When all is said and done, although it may be possible to replace your roof on your own, we highly recommend hiring a roofing professional to get the job done. Not only will it keep you and your family safe, but it will also ensure that the job is done correctly. Most companies even offer warranties on the materials used as well as a guarantee regarding the quality of the work provided – giving you that extra boost of confidence that the job will be of high quality. If you have any additional questions about getting a professional roof replacement in San Diego, give us a call today! We would be happy to give you a free quote.