When it comes to going solar, a common question asked is, do solar panels damage the roof? Rightfully so, many home owners worry about damaging their roof when installing a solar panel system. Due to the investment cost of both the solar panel system and your home’s roof, it is very important to make sure the company installing you solar panels do so properly so it doesn’t cause damage to your roof. Fortunately, roof damage as a result of a solar panel installation has become rare over the years. This is because installers are now taking extra precautionary steps to help prevent leaks and other potential damages from occurring.

factors to consider when installing solar panels

If Installed Properly, Solar Panels Don’t Damage Your Roof:

Just like any other home improvement project, using an experienced service provider that you trust is the key to a successful insulation of solar panels without damaging your roof. That being said, for most homeowners, installing solar panels will not result in roof damage as long as your solar installer is a trained and licensed professional and your roof is in good condition. Nowadays, if roof damages occur during a solar installation, it’s likely because the roof was already in poor condition.

Although uncommon, being concerned about solar panels and roof damage is not unreasonable. Whenever it comes to putting holes into and a notable amount of weight onto your roof, damages are always a possibility – which is why installers need to take the proper precautions to ensure the roof is not going to become compromised.

However, solar doesn’t always involve holes. If you are still wondering if solar panels will ruin your roof and are concerned about having holes in your roof to mount your solar panels, there are several less common ways to still benefit from rooftop solar energy. The most popular alternatives are solar roof tiles or solar shingles, While these options have many aesthetic based benefits, the cost is often much higher than solar panels and the technology is currently not as efficient as traditional panels. 

Install Solar Panels the Right Way:

When living in San Diego or other cities with predominantly sunny weather, installing rooftop solar panels is a great investment that won’t lead to roof damage when you work with a professional, experienced installer from RT Roofing Specialists. Don’t let installing solar panels damage your roof. Call RT Roofing Specialists today for more information on professional solar panel installations in San Diego or to schedule a free on-site estimate.